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Let's stop Abusive Credit Card & Debt Collectors and Lawsuits!

A Debt Collector may even sue you on a debt you may not legally owe.

In  Arkansas, you may have as little as Twenty (20) days to respond in writing to  a lawsuit, or they will take a default judgment against you. Do  not let that happen. There may be a good chance to have the law suit  dismissed forever, so you can never be sued on this debt again.

You will work directly with Me as I believe Personal Service to my Clients

Many People do not know they can fight  such credit lawsuits, debt collectors and debt collection lawsuits.  Don’t pay a debt You may not legally owe. I am available so You can find  out Your legal rights before you have to go to court.

Why Choose Tommy Johnson, Esq...

I have over Twenty-Five (25) years of experience. I  represent People fighting Debt Collectors, Credit Bureaus, Credit Card  Collections, Debt Collections, Credit Card cases and junk debt buyers.  I have the skills, the knowledge and experience to Help You when Credit Card, Debt Collectors and  Collection Agencies are abusing you with calls, letters and lawsuits. I can review your case for a potential Class Action. Let Me fight these cases for You! When you hire me, I will personally handle your case, not some first year associate or paralegal. Abusive Credit, Debt, and Collection agencies are a nuisance.